GOT7’s Jackson Wang Handles Being Mobbed In Singapore In A Way That Shows His True Personality

This is not the first time Jackson has been mobbed at an event.

GOT7‘s Jackson is currently traveling worldwide on his Magic Man world tour. The artist has been appearing and performing for massive audiences in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Phillippines!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | Vogue Singapore

Following his performance in Malaysia, Jackson headed to Singapore for his next performance. In addition to his concert, Jackson also appeared for a special meet and greet, where he charmed the audience with his usual sense of humor.

While departing from the event, fans were eager to see the singer and get close to him. During his walk to his car, fans kept some what of a distance as his bodyguards flanked him on either side.

Unfortunately, when he got close to his car, fans got out of control, with several jumping in front of him in an attempt to get a selfie.

Even as he is jostled, Jackson remains calm and asks fans not to push. He even urges his security to be more gentle, telling them that it was “okay.

One of the fans continues to insist on getting a photo, and to calm the situation, Jackson obliges him before getting into his car, all the while saying goodbye to the fans.

Jackson has often stated that his wish is for fans to remain safe and not hurt themselves while trying to see him. Earlier this year, Jackson dealt with a mobbing situation at the airport in Malaysia in a similar way, showing kindness and concern for fans.

Fans are praising Jackson for his kindness while also wishing for fans to show more concern for their own safety and Jackson’s.


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