GOT7’s Jay B And BamBam Have Hilariously Opposite Reactions To A Fan Choosing Their Ideal Type Between Them

Can’t we choose both..?

GOT7‘s Jay B and BamBam are incredible friends. Often they tease each other, like how BamBam found the funniest memes to use to react to Jay B’s crying.

But despite the teasing, they never fail to show their incredibly sweet support of each other.

And now fans can’t get enough of the idols’ latest interaction after a fan was forced to choose between the two to select their ideal type. In the tweet, the fan was using a K-Pop filter game that offers up pictures of two different idols, asking fans to pick their ideal type. Fans are supposed to tilt their head toward their answer, allowing that idol to move on to compete against another random idol in the next round.

Understandably, a GOT7 fan was incredibly torn when their two options were Jay B and BamBam, tagging both artists as the fan asked, “who should I pick?

Jay B | @GOT7/Twitter
BamBam | @GOT7/Twitter

Shockingly (or maybe not so surprisingly, given their frequent use of Twitter to communicate with fans), Jay B and BamBam replied directly to the post.

Seemingly giving up from the start, Jay B simply responded with “goodbye….

Fans joked that Jay B had done this to himself by friend-zoning his fans for years.

While others couldn’t help but laugh at his witty response.

And understandably, the OP (original poster) didn’t want Jay B to actually go.

Meanwhile, BamBam had a polar opposite reaction to the tweet, clearly wanting the fan to choose him by directly stating that “tomorrow is our wedding.

Although the response was already heart-fluttering enough, the OP shared that “tomorrow” seemed to be an endearing reference to their birthday.

Of course, other fans couldn’t help but respond with joking jealousy.

And laughed at the lengths BamBam would go to win.

But really, who can blame the fan for struggling to choose between two talented, handsome idols who both have the best sense of humor?

You can read more about their friendship here.

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