GOT7 Jay B’s Behavior Towards An Actor On His Music Video Set Showcases His True Personality

Jay B really is the sweetest!

GOT7‘s Jay B is known to both I GOT7s and nonfans as someone who is reliable and kind. These aspects of his personality have been confirmed time and time again from the work that he did to ensure that GOT7’s trademarks would be transferred correctly after the group left JYP Entertainment to his sweet disposition.

GOT7’s Jay B | @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

Jay B’s true personality was recently revealed yet again by someone who worked with him on the set for his newest music video, “go UP.”

A person named Zki shared his experience as an actor who worked on the set with Jay B and appeared in the music video alongside the GOT7 member. He appeared alongside Jay B in a specific scene in the music video, which he shared on his Twitter account.

Zki revealed that he was able to speak to Jay B at one point during this scene and said that the singer asked him a variety of questions, ranging from his name and age to where he was from.

After discovering that he was the youngest person on the set, Jay B adorably began to call him “baby” according to Zki. Jay B also asked what he did for a living and Zki revealed that he was an entertain as well and wanted to pursue singing. After listening to his singing Jay B only had kind words and complimented him!

This must have been a dream come true for Zki who then told Jay B that he was a fan of GOT7. Zki was even able to take photos with Jay B during filming which are even more adorable knowing the context of the situation. He also revealed that the entire encounter was in English!

While there are sometimes horror stories of working with artists on set, it seems like Jay B’s true personality is that of someone who is sweet and kind to everyone he encounters!

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