GOT7 Jay B’s Most Embarrassing Moment As An Idol Is A Video Clip That Fans Love

It’s hard to watch the moment without cringing!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently chose between two of his most embarrassing moments during his time as an Idol, and what he picked is actually a fan favorite!

GOT7’s Jay B |

Jay B recently sat down with ESQUIRE Korea for an In Star interview.

The star discussed various topics, including the most memorable moment from his ongoing solo tour…

…to how he feels working as a judge on the music variety program Artistock Game.

Halfway through the interview, Jay B was presented with a challenging question regarding the embarrassing moments he endured during his career. He was given the option of choosing between his “A” story for the release of GOT7’s second album, GOT LOVE, and his Dream High 2 “Heartbreaker” dance.

Before the release of “A,” each GOT7 member recorded a short video where the view is given the point of view of being the person they are speaking to. Each video was admittedly cheesy, according to the group, with Jay B’s being one of the most viewed.

Jay B’s second option was from his time on the drama Dream High 2, with his JJ Project groupmate, Jinyoung. The two had a dance battle to G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker,” and has been a source of embarrassment for both Jay B and Jinyoung, the latter of which described it as a moment he wishes he could erase from the internet.

Fans also often ask the two to recreate the “JJ Cross” moment of the dance.

After watching clips of each moment (and cringing through them), Jay B decides that the “Heartbreaker” moment is the most embarrassing of the two!

He ponders what was going on with the styling and why his hair was styled the way it was.

While this is no surprise that JJ Project are in sync about this moment, fans will probably still request to see them reenact “Heartbreaker” well into the future!

You can check out the full interview below!

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