GOT7’s Jay B Finally Dances To NewJeans’s “Hype Boy” But Netizens Can Only Focus On One Hilariously “Confusing” Detail Of His Outfit

He rocked the dance cover, regardless!

“Hype Boy” by NewJeans is currently one of the most popular songs amongst other K-Pop Idols, leading many to perform dance covers of it. Fans were thrilled when GOT7‘s Jay B finally posted his own cover, but there is one detail of his dance video that has netizens baffled.

GOT7’s Jay B | @got7/Twitter

Released earlier this year, “Hype Boy” has already been covered by a variety of artists both vocally and in dance covers. The fun-sounding song has an addictive chorus, and it seems like everyone who dances to it can’t help but smile.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Even a group of enlisted K-Pop idols went viral recently for their fantastic dance cover of the song.

Ahgases were hopeful Jay B would eventually post a cover of the song on social media as he has been catching up with posting content on his TikTok account. Just a few days ago, the GOT7 member posted the cover and fans were initially thrilled when they got the notification.

While Jay B’s dance cover is good, netizens couldn’t help but comment on one part of his outfit that left many of them confused.

Jay B’s slouch-style pants left many online wondering why he would wear them for a dance cover.


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♬ Hype Boy – NewJeans

Comments from netizens on a Korean forum called them distracting while simultaneously complimenting his dancing and visuals.

  • He’s good-looking and dances well, but I was shocked by his pants ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Let’s trash the pants… His legs looks like the width/length of a hand…
  • Omg what’s with the pantsㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱ
  • Wow, I think I saw those pants in the Bounce music video, please throw it away…
  • But guys, he dances so f*cking well look at his expressions..
  • He’s amazing but I want to burn his pants

Even international fans were hilariously baffled by his choice of clothing.

| @jaybnow.hr16/TikTok
| @jaybnow.hr16/TikTok
| @jaybnow.hr16/TikTok

It seems like Jay B was even made aware of the “controversial” clothing choice when a fan on Twitter shared that a popular idol account on Instagram posted about the now-infamous pants.

Hey Jaebum, they say your pants are… yeah

—  Fan

I’ll wear different pants when I dance…

— Jay B

Ahgases found his response funny and still appreciate the fact he posted the dance cover at all!

Source: theQoo


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