GOT7’s Jay B Gets Real About What Happens When He Goes Drinking

“I realized it wasn’t right.”

GOT7‘s Jay B returned to the Daebak Show with Eric Nam after almost a year, and the new stories he shared there did not disappoint.

(Left to right) GOT7’s Jay B and Eric Nam | @thedivestudios/Instagram

Not only did he tell the best ghost story ever (about that time he accidentally recorded a ghost in the studio…), but he also spilled on his new drinking habits—and what really happens when he drinks.

One of the most iconic GOT7 stories is one Jay B told about the time he was so drunk that Jackson Wang and Jinyoung had to carry him home. Because Jackson and Jinyoung didn’t know where he lived, they spent ages roaming around his neighborhood trying to find his place, all while carrying him!

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Since then, the members have teased Jay B about his low tolerance level on several occasions. In fact, according to BamBam, Jay B actually has the lowest tolerance level among them.

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Speaking with Eric Nam on the Daebak Show, Jay B spilled on what happens when he drinks, and why he tends to avoid it now.

He related that he’s very active in pursuit of his hobbies, which are mainly camping and reading. Eric wondered how he ever finds the time to do them, but Jay B explained that he simply does them during the time that he would otherwise be at home.

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For example, according to Jay B, “If I had no schedules after the Daebak Show until the next day, I would just go [camping].” Eric was hilariously unable to relate, saying instead, “That’s cool… I go drinking.” (And immediately regretting his comment.)

But Jay B agreed that he does also like going out for drinks. Or at least, he used to.

Eric commented that drinking sometimes makes him feel like passing out at home, which Jay B agreed with as well. As a matter of fact, when Jay B goes drinking now, what happens is that he has “to be in bed for two days.”

Because of that, he claims there is not much point to drinking anymore, since he feels like it only causes a waste of time. Eric related to that, saying, “I’m happy in that moment, but I have to suffer for a couple of days after that.”

Ultimately, Jay B now has mixed feelings about going drinking, as he now sees fewer pros than cons. He said, “Since there was a severe aftermath, I realized it wasn’t right.”

Considering that they had to carry him home, his members might argue that drinking was never his strong suit. But whether or not Jay B agreed back then, it seems like he is definitely feeling it now!

Check out the link below for the full clip on the Daebak Show.

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