GOT7’s Jay B Inspires A Webtoon Character, And The Resemblance Is Spot-On

He’s literally the main character!

We might be used to our favorite K-Pop idols having cameos in K-Dramas, but as for webtoons, not so much. Still, there are occasions when there’s no denying that a character has a resemblance to someone in real life.

Now, it seems as though GOT7‘s leader Jay B may have done more than have a cameo in a Webtoon. He’s the whole main character!

Jay B

Twitter user @OFFDEF___ shared that their brother was reading the Webtoon Wind Breaker. Upon seeing the user’s Jay B photocard in which he had a mullet, the brother said that the Webtoon’s main character and he look the same.

Honestly, we have to agree.

Jay Jo in “Wind Breaker.” | Webtoon

Not only do Jay B and the character have a hairstyle in common, but their names are even similar. Wind Breaker‘s main character is Jo Ja Hyun, most commonly referred to as Jay Jo. Hmm…

| Webtoon

Could it be just a coincidence?

According to the synopsis from Webtoon, “Jay’s the perfect student. He got straight A’s, and he’s the student body president. But after being coerced into joining the school’s biking team, the Hummingbird Crew, he discovers a whole new world outside of studying. What new adventures will he face outside the comfort of his textbooks?”

| Webtoon

Of course, our Jay B is not a study body president nor a bicyclist. He is, however, a leader and can ride a bike, so…

| Ahgase Noona/Pinterest

Jay Jo is also described as appearing cold at first…

| Webtoon

But he’s actually quite caring!

| Webtoon

He’s clearly quite athletic, so he often wears casualwear and brands like Stüssy, which Jay B also wears. Jay Jo is farsighted, so when he’s not bicycling, he wears glasses.

| Webtoon

This certainly looks like someone we know…

Even Jay Jo’s school uniform reminds Ahgases of Jay B.

| Webtoon

Jay B has been known to rock the occasional red suit or blazer. Meanwhile, Jay Jo’s uniform consists of a red jacket.

| Webtoon

Do you see the similarities between Jay B and Jay Jo? Wind Breaker was first created in 2014 and is still updated weekly. Jay B introduced his iconic mullet hairstyle in 2018, and it’s only recently that Jay Jo changed his hairstyle to the mullet. For those curious, it’s Part 3, episode 78, released April 4, 2021.

So, while it could be argued that Jay Jo was not originally created with Jay B in mind, the author sure seems to have been inspired by him lately!

This isn’t the first time our favorite idols inspired Webtoon characters. Previously, Jay B was said to inspire another Webtoon character, True Beauty‘s second lead Seojun. TXT‘s Yeonjun also seemed to inspire the author of Bite Me. BTS appeared in True Beauty and even have their own, Save Me.

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Source: @OFFDEF___