JB Became One With His Inner Cat Spirit While Prepping For GOT7’s Photoshoot

Spending time with his purr babies has definitely been rubbing off on him:

GOT7‘s JB is a serious lover of cats. Not only is he the proud father of 5 purr babies of his own, you seriously can’t take him anywhere without him going crazy for the fluffy felines.

Image: @legendbeom/Twitter

Spending all that time loving and being around his furry friends, however, has definitely been rubbing off on JB as Ahgase recently witnessed.

Image: @jaybnow.hr/Instagram

In episode 3 of GOT OFFLINE, GOT7 took fans behind-the-scenes of their IGOT7 6th generation photoshoot. As their individual shoots started off, it didn’t take long for JB’s inner cat to make an appearance. Starting off with a little bit of catlike curiosity, JB was all about learning to make the drip coffee.

From there, there was no stopping JB’s inner cat spirit from coming out! Just as a cat craves a toasty spot, JB was craving some of the warmth from the cafe’s machines. And even when he found out just how warm it was, he kept his hand there. Yep, definite cat behavior!

Of course, a little bit of extra heat calls every cat around to take a nice snooze more and with JB soaking up some of the machine’s warmth soon enough he looked like he was ready to take a cat nap of his own!

But perhaps the moment that truly showed JB was channeling his inner kitty was the moment he was able to block out all the chaos around him and focus only on what he wanted to focus on!

It seems JB’s time spent with his feline friends truly has been rubbing off on him! Watch JB channel his inner cat and more below: