JB Knew He Was The Ultimate Game Target So He Made It Impossible For GOT7 To Catch Him At All

JB knew his members were coming for him:

After releasing a regular dance practice video for “You Calling My Name”, Ahgase couldn’t wait to see what kind of bonus dance practice video we’d all get and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long! This time around, GOT7 decided to add a bit of competition into their dance practice with a fun name tag survival game.


The rules for this game? Remove another member’s name tag when the music stops. With lots of interesting costumes pieces set aside for the penalty, no one was prepared to lose their tag…especially JB!


While BamBam became the unsuspecting victim in the first round because of Jinyoung’s trickery, in the second round, everyone was set on snagging JB’s name tag! The only problem, JB was two steps ahead of them! Knowing he would be the likely target JB made a beeline straight for the cabinets and successfully wedged himself in!


No matter how hard his members tried to pull him out, it just wasn’t possible!


JB continued to stay there as the room outside his hidey-hole turned chaotic as everyone else tried to out each other!


With the time to liberate a name tag from someone slipping away fast, they ultimately decided to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the loser. But even with the promise that they wouldn’t come for JB after announcing their intentions, JB still refused to come out from his hiding spot!


In fact, JB was so cozy in his spot that he refused to come out until the next round of dancing started.


Definitely the smartest move considering how determined they were to snag his name tag!