GOT7’s JB Revoked Mark’s MC Status After Hearing Him Tell Fans To Imagine JB Showering

No steamy shower imaginings on JB’s watch!

From dealing with a teasing BamBam to keeping a cool head during Yugyeom’s wardrobe malfunction, GOT7‘s JB has handled a number of situations during the JUS2 Focus Tour but he recently had to deal with one more thanks to Mark!


JB and Yugyeom recently spent time in Singapore for their tour and Mark joined them, taking on the role of special MC. While they performed and had plenty of fun with fans, Mark soon found his MC title being revoked by JB!


Things started off okay during the duo’s question and answer session but when they came upon a seemingly PG subject about brushing their teeth things started to go 19+ real fast. What started off with JB admitting that he doesn’t wet his toothbrush down before brushing his teeth…

I don’t think I wet my toothbrush…

— JB


Soon led to the revelation that he doesn’t because the steam from the shower makes the bristles soft already.

But maybe what I do counts as wetting the toothbrush. When I shower it’s already wet.

— JB


Upon hearing this piece of information, Ahgases soon went crazy and an embarrassed JB told fans not to imagine what he knew they were imagining!

Don’t imagine that! Don’t do that. Don’t do that! It’s dangerous!

— JB


Not missing the chance at a little JB teasing, Mark told fans to let their imaginations run wild…

It’s the last show. Let us all imagine JB showering!

— Mark


Which resulted in him losing his microphone!

I’m going to take this away!

— JB


With everyone telling him they still needed an MC, JB eventually returned the microphone but only after Mark promised to change the subject!

Okay, okay! Next question!

— Mark


With that concert being the last in the JUS2 tour, at least JB won’t have to worry about unruly MCs for a long time…or at least until May 20 when GOT7 will have a comeback with the release of their SPINNING TOP album!