GOT7’s Jinyoung Was Caught Red-Handed Falling Asleep On Set And It’s Cuteness Overload

Seriously so cute!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has been taking fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions in both the behind the scenes and the K-Drama He Is Psychometric. Fans have felt attacked by Jinyoung’s shirtless scene, breathless over his stunt moves, and tickled by his interactions with his costars.


Now, Jinyoung put another loop in the rollercoaster of emotions when he attacked everyone with his sleepy cuteness! In the latest behind the scenes look at the show, Jinyoung once again showed off some stunt moves…


And cracked everyone up with his cute interactions!


But he also warmed everyone’s heart when he was caught falling asleep on set. In one scene Jinyoung was supposed to act like he was sleeping. While it certainly worked at first…


Jinyoung was later caught by Shin Ye Eun actually sleeping on the couch!


Even when the staff was tidying him up, Jinyoung continued to sleep through it all!


But when Jinyoung finally opened up his eyes, he looked everyone looking at him and cutely wondered aloud why!


For more adorable sleepy Jinyoung, check out the behind the scenes video below!


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