GOT7’s Jinyoung Was Completely Clueless About His Habits Until Ahgase Pointed Them Out

He didn’t realize he had these habits:

Fans are masters of catching all the small details and habits that their bias has. They’re such masters, in fact, that oftentimes they’ll catch habits that their own bias doesn’t know they have! Recently, however, GOT7‘s Jinyoung finally discovered one of these hidden habits thanks to Ahgases’ observations!

After GOT7’s Jinyoung sold out a perfume in a single day when his beauty film with W Korea and Tom Ford dropped, Jinyoung sat down with W Korea to answer some questions and share a little more about his life, favorite books, upcoming projects, and more.

For this particular interview, W Korea prepared several photos of Jinyoung and asked him to go into detail about the topics related to the pics. While Jinyoung was able to easily dive into the stories behind most of the photos, one particular set gave him some trouble. In particular, he had no idea what these photos had in common!

I don’t know why these pictures are here. It looks like they were took right after my debut. I only wore those socks during that time.

— Jinyoung

Seeing his confusion, W Korea stepped in to shed a little light on the topic. The set of three photos had one thing in common — they were all habits of Jinyoung discovered by fans!

The reason we put these three together is because they are habits that fans have caught you doing. 1. You cover your hands with your sleeves. 2. You cover your mouth when you laugh. 3. You bend your ankles when you sit. Have you noticed?

— W Korea

Learning what the photos had in common, Jinyoung was stunned! Although he had noticed he did these things every once in a while, he had no idea he did them so often!

I knew about these two. Once in a while, I noticed those behaviors but… This is why they’re my fans!

— Jinyoung

Jinyoung was definitely a little more aware of the first two and explained how they became full-blown habits…

For this one, when I’m feeling cold I do this to block the wind from coming in through the sleeves. I usually wear oversized clothes. I imagine that if I’m wearing them this way it will look a little weird! I’ve been doing this (covering his mouth when laughing) since I was young. I think I always laughed like this, I guess because I thought it was more polite.

— Jinyoung

But as for the third, he revealed he had barely noticed he bent his ankles while sitting at all!

I barely noticed this. Sometimes when I’m spacing out and then come back to reality, my ankle is bent in that way. I’m trying not to do it but it’s hard to change. I guess habits really are hard to change.

— Jinyoung

Learning about his habits was such a shock that even after they moved onto other topics, Jinyoung still couldn’t help bringing it back to his habits and Ahgases’ awesome power of observation!

W Korea: How do you manage to be this cute?

Jinyoung: I don’t think of myself as cute… Bent ankles, this (the sleeves). My fans are catching details about me that no one else noticed, then creating the idea that I’m this cute! So I feel grateful. I appreciate it, saying that I’m cute.

There’s no doubt that Ahgase really know Jinyoung well! See the moment Jinyoung learns about his habits and more below: