GOT7’s Jinyoung Simply Couldn’t Resist Teasing JB After Hearing JB’s Thoughts On A New Piercing

Sassy Jinyoung was out in full force!

A few months ago, GOT7‘s JB left everyone breathless after revealing that his nose piercing was real and not too long ago JB proved he’s determined to take every last ounce of oxygen we have left when he announced he had already been thinking about his next piercing! But as he was thinking about his next piercing, Jinyoung was thinking too…about the best way to troll JB!


During a fan event at the end of last month, JB started a conversation with Ahgase about his next potential piercing.

I’ve been thinking about where my next piercing should be. How about the belly button? For a cropped tee?

— JB


As JB asked Ahgase their opinion about getting a navel piercing, Jinyoung knew his opportunity come! Without missing a beat and without letting JB know, Jinyoung released his full sassy self to tease JB!


Undeterred by Jinyoung’s trolling ways, JB continued talking to fans about potential piercings…

Or how about a piercing on my tongue? Ah, really? It will be uncomfortable?

— JB


But Jinyoung was just as determined to troll JB! When JB joked about getting a piercing in the middle of his forehead, Jinyoung simply couldn’t resist giving him a little “advice” on the placement!

Three of them!

— Jinyoung


While JB probably won’t be taking Jinyoung’s advice on a whole row forehead piercings, his teasing had Ahgase everywhere cracking up hard!


And no matter if, when, or where JB gets a new piercing, we all know it’s going to look fantastic!