How GOT7 Set A New Standard For Album Sales, According To A Data Analyst

GOT7 have forever changed the game.

While they are not everything that goes into making a group’s success, K-Pop album sales are often one of many indicators of how strong a group’s fandom is and if they will have longevity in the industry as a group.

Korea Music Contents Association (KMCA)‘s secretary-general, Choi Kwang Ho recently explained how he believes GOT7 set a new standard from a data-driven standpoint involving streaming and album sales.

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In a video breaking down the achievements of boy groups over the first half of 2022, Choi Kwang Ho first establishes the layout of his data matrix. The amount of unique listeners on Melon, Genie Flo, VIBE, Bugs, and Spotify is measured on the horizontal line (X-axis) and the album sales on the vertical line (Y-axis).

GOT7 left JYP Entertainment as a group in January 2021 and all seven members signed with different agencies. While groups have continued promotions after leaving their companies, few groups have made comebacks while one or two members are under another company let alone seven.

GOT7 released GOT7 in May 2022, much to the joy of fans and despite all the members having solo careers and commitments to schedule around. The album sold over 73 thousand copies in the month of June and has since passed 500,000 sold.

One of GOT7’s teaser images for GOT7. | @GOT7/Twitter

Choi Kwang Ho then states that GOT7 have usually had stronger album sales due to their large amount of international fans purchasing the album. He then says that the number of sales in spite of the agency changes is an indicator of the group’s longevity.

GOT7 debuted in 2014, and are one of the groups that have managed to break the seven-year curse. When asked in 2019, both Jay B and Jinyoung insisted that the group had no plans of breaking up and would make sure to prevent that from happening. After leaving the company, all members were quick to correct anyone saying that GOT7 disbanded.

Choi Kwang Ho then explains that GOT7 sold selling millions of albums in the past, an amazing feat considering the expansion of K-Pop at the time. Prior to GOT7, “JYP wasn’t a company that sold this amount of albums“, Choi Kwang Ho says.

“I think GOT7 is a group that changed JYP’s color.”

— Choi Kwang Ho

GOT7 were able to set a new standard not only in their post-JYPE departure activities but in their album sales results while under the company as well!

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