GOT7 Youngjae’s Dog Coco Proves She’s Top Dog After Outsmarting Him In A Series Of Games

There’s no challenge too difficult for Coco!

GOT7‘s Youngjae has been showcasing his wholesome relationship with his dog Coco on OOTV‘s YouTube channel. In the latest video, the two did an SNS Dog Challenge together.

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Youngjae doubted Coco at the start of the challenges. However, it proved not to be a challenge as she attempted to outsmart the game! First, she jumped over an “invisible wall” of plastic wrap.

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She was challenged to jump over a tall wall of toilet papers as well. She saw an easy way out by pushing herself through, knocking down the rolls.

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Next, Youngjae played a tricky game of Hide and Seek. He appeared before Coco behind a black curtain before letting it drop to the ground as he attempted to hide. Youngjae didn’t even have a chance as she quickly ran after him!

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Youngjae then attempted to test Coco’s sympathy as he cried fake tears. Despite being a talented actor, she saw through him and didn’t fall for it.

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Coco is much smarter than Youngjae gives her credit for!

Watch the full video below:

Source: OOTV오오티비


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