GOT7’s Yugyeom Immediately Agreed To His Hyungs’ Bet For Chicken…And Immediately Regretted It

Spoiler: He bought everyone chicken

They say the one who speaks first loses and while that’s normally in reference to negotiations, GOT7‘s Yugyeom discovered it could also be applied to his own words after his bet for chicken with his hyungs didn’t pan out quite as he’d expected.

Through Dingo Music‘s recently released behind clip from GOT7’s “Aura” performance, Ahgase got a hilarious look at all the heart-fluttering, hilarious, and downright chaotic moments from their filming experience including the moment Yugyeom regretted speaking too soon.

Yugyeom’s path to losing misfortune began shortly after BamBam caused an NG so hilarious absolutely no one could stop laughing. Thanks to the laughter-inducing moment, GOT7 couldn’t help making a few more NGs.

When Jinyoung made two in a row, however, was when things got really interesting. After Jinyoung promised to buy chicken if he made any mistakes, Youngjae revealed a different plan — whoever made the next NG would be buying chicken. The first to agree to the terms? You guessed it…Yugyeom!

Jinyoung: If I make a mistake again, I’ll buy everyone coffee. I’ll buy chicken! Chicken.

Youngjae: Person who loses buys chicken!

Yugyeom: Okay!

And unfortunately for Yugyeom, the next NG belonged to him!

As you can imagine, his hyungs were pretty happy about the NG, after all, they’d be getting chicken!

Later, when Yugyeom accidentally made another mistake, well, nobody would let him forget about his promise to buy chicken!

Thank you Yugyeom. We’ll enjoy the chicken!

— Jinyoung

And when GOT7 were all done with filming the video, Yugyeom stayed true to his word and did just that! Although that still didn’t save him from some extra teasing from BamBam.

His mental state is not okay, that’s why. That’s the problem. He’s not okay in the head.

— BamBam

Watch Yugyeom immediately agree and immediately regret his decision to agree to his hyungs’ chicken bet for yourself below: