GOT7’s Jay B Joins BamBam For The “Who Are You” TikTok Challenge, But They Can’t Help Bickering

The chaotic sibling energy continues.

GOT7‘a BamBam has finally dropped his much anticipated comeback “Who Are You” featuring Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, and it has rightfully made it to the top of the iTunes Top Songs chart in multiple countries all over the world.

BamBam has also started a TikTok challenge to promote his song, and fans will be excited to see none other than GOT7’s leader, Jay B, taking part in it alongside BamBam. Jay B and BamBam have a famous sibling-like relationship that involves a lot of bickering, teasing, and even competing, which usually results in some highly entertaining moments for the fans.

In this case, the “Who Are You” challenge began seriously, with both BamBam and Jay B performing the choreography in their impeccable outfits. A grin was visible on BamBam’s face when they did the part that requires them to touch each other’s faces, but both managed to stay serious. That is, until they got to the end, when things predictably turned into yet another hilarious bickering scene.

The best thing about this is that, despite the fact that all the members are now working hard in their solo careers, they still always make time to support each other’s achievements. Recently, for example, GOT7 had a surprise reunion when they went to support Youngjae at his First Global Online Fan Meeting. In this case, Jay B says that BamBam had texted in the GOT7 group chat to ask who was willing to do the challenge, and Jay B said he would do it.

Going forward, fans can probably continue to expect lots of funny bickering moments between the members of GOT7, particularly where BamBam is concerned. After all, he even went after Jingyoung and Jackson with hilarious Twitter memes this year, so it seems like none of the members are safe from him! You can watch his TikTok challenge with Jay B below.


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♬ Who Are You (Feat. SEULGI of Red Velvet)(Challenge Ver.) – BamBam