This Group Increased Their First Week Album Sales By Over 900% After Participating In A Survival Program

Their first album hit less than 200 first-week sales.

Earlier this year, a new survival show, Peak Time, attracted attention for its intriguing premise.

The show’s goal was to give opportunities to groups that have been hit hard by the pandemic, had long breaks or frequent member changes, have disbanded or recently debuted, and would like a boost of attention by showcasing their skills.


While several groups had not yet debuted, many of the teams on the show had been active in the industry for many years. Viewers were surprised to see B.A.P‘s Moon Jongup as a contestant on the show…

B.A.P Moon Jong Up | Peak Time

…and moved by the lengths that the eventual winning team, Vanner, went to achieve their dreams.

Vanner | Peak Time

One of the groups that participated in the show was DKB, a boy group under Brave Entertainment. The nine-membered group debuted in February 2020 with “Sorry Mama.”


The group made it to the show’s finale, performing Monsta X Joonhoney‘s track “Turning Point” and ultimately placing fourth overall.

Fans of the group, new and old, waited in anticipation for the group’s activities following the show, and on June 14, DKB released their sixth mini-album, I Need Love.

The album broke the group’s first-day sales record of 1,651, reaching just over 9,000 sales in the first 24 hours, according to the Hanteo Chart.

| Hanteo Chart

While this is a huge accomplishment, the group’s achievements did not stop there — by the end of the first week of sales, DKB sold over 44,000 copies of the new album, 40,000 more than their previous release!

This total is said to be more than all of their previous album’s combined sales!

| Hanteo Chart

Fans are extremely proud of the group and grateful for their exposure on Peak Time.

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