Famous Teen Rookie Turned 18-Years-Old… And People Don’t Recognize Her

Do you?

gugudan‘s Mina recently had her 20th birthday (Korean age) and fans can’t get over how mature she looks now – to the point where she is almost unrecognizable from her pre-gugudan days with I.O.I and Produce 101.


During Produce 101, Mina revealed she had been struggling with her weight and had to maintain a strict diet.


She was loved for her cute personality and was affectionately known as the girl with the cute chubby cheeks.


After coming 9th and debuting with I.O.I, she succeeded in losing a few kilos, becoming the talk of the town when she appeared with a sharper chin – but still had her cute cheeks!


Since debuting with gugudan, she has continued to lose weight and with each comeback seems to have grown thinner….


…and thinner.


But fans don’t think it’s just her weight loss that has changed her.


They believe there’s something about her mature air and confidence that has made her even prettier.

  • “Kang Mina, who has matured beyond recognition.”
  • “Wow. Really.”
  • “She was cute and pretty even before she lost weight, but she looks mature and pretty.”
  • “She looks like a doll… so pretty.”
  • “I wish I could be that cute and pretty…. nobody matches her… seriously.”
  • “Wow, she looks like a real entertainer now. When I first saw her on Produce 101, she looked like a kid.”
  • “Her face is so small.”


Fans are sharing recent pictures of Mina to show her complete transformation.


She’s always been loved for her bright, cheerful personality, cute, pretty features and, of course, her talent…


But now fans are adding “mature” to that list!

  • “Wow, amazing, she’s so mature now.”
  • “She’s so fresh and pretty, like a blooming flower.”
  • “Wow, Mina surpassed everyone else… her eyes are so big, she has double eyelids… amazing.”


Oh, and she showed off some impressive abs at KCON earlier this year.


Visually, she’s like a completely different person from her debut days, but fans love her personal growth as well as her newfound physical maturity!