Gugudan’s Sejeong Starred In An International Ad Alongside Zooey Deschanel And Natalie Dormer

Sejeong was one of five top stars in the ad:

Fans have finally gotten to see why gugudan‘s Sejeong has been introducing herself as Croc‘s brand ambassador in a brand new international advertisement filled with some other very familiar faces!


Back in November, it was announced that Sejeong was going to be a brand ambassador for Croc’s new “Come As You Are” campaign. Now, the shoe company has released it’s very first ad for the campaign!


Sejeong is one of five top stars who are a part of the big campaign. Starring alongside Sejeong, fans can see actress Natalie Dormer, actress and entertainer Zooey Deschanel, actress Gina Jin, and actress and model Suzu Hirose!


Besides wowing everyone in the new ad, each of the stars was also given a special introduction and tag on Croc’s official website with Sejeong being introduced as both a singer and actress!


Seeing Sejeong act alongside these other top celebrities is driving fans wild and many have already predicted that Crocs will be the new hot item thanks to Sejeong and her lovely co-stars! Check out the full advertisement below!