Gugudan’s Mina Ranked First In Class Just So Her Dad Would Let Her Go To Seoul

She even earned a scholarship for her hard work.

On KBS 2TV‘s Happy Together 4, it was revealed that gugudan‘s Mina was ranked first among all the students are her junior high school.

Mina said, “I lived in Seoul but moved to Jeju Island when I was little. There weren’t many places I could play, so it was hard. I wanted to go to concerts, see performances, and take dance classes, so my goal was to go to Seoul.” Her father, however, said that if she wanted to go, she needed to raise her average score, which was in the 70s, by 20 points (or more).

She shared that from that day, she gave her cell phone to her parents and studied from 7:00 in the morning until 8:00 pm without going to the bathroom. Her diligence earned her 1st place among all the students at school.

I was able to maintain my grades for a long time and entered high school with a scholarship.


Mina’s dedication is amazing! It’s obvious that whether she’s studying or performing, she gives everything 100%!

Source: kstyle