gugudan’s Sejeong Looks Too Blinding To Be True With No Makeup On

She showed off her very natural beauty in photos.

Multiple photos of Sejeong have been shared on Gugudan‘s official Instagram account along with the caption, “Sejeong’s beauty resurfaces every time you almost forget about it.

The shared photos show Sejeong looking radiant with little to no makeup on.

In addition to the light makeup, Sejeong gives off a very minimal image by wearing comfortable clothes and not doing much to her hair.

What makes her stand out no matter what she does to her makeup and hair is bright skin tone and gorgeous facial features.

And this wasn’t the first time Sejeong’s natural beauty took the spotlight. Even before this post, Sejeong had been sharing selfies of herself looking amazing with little to no makeup on.

Check out some more photos of Kim Sejeong’s beauty below: