Ha Sung Woon’s Ending Fairy Pose Has Officially Been Dubbed As The “Ending Monster”

What can he say, he’s a punny guy!

Ha Sung Woon has brought some serious laughter for his fans after his most recent live performance! On this week’s Mnet M! Countdown, Ha Sung Woon performed his comeback track “Sneakers,” which was filled with amazing vocals, fun dance moves, and a colorful stage. However, his “ending fairy” pose has been garnering heavy attention online and it’s because of it’s unique and comedic touch.

Ha Sung Woon | Star Crew Entertainment

The solo artist concluded his stage with confetti and lots of energy, as he pulls his dancers back into their final ending pose. However, what followed was the beginning of what netizens would call…

…the “ending monster!” Ha Sung Woon takes off his sneaker and proceeds to use it like a phone. His hilarity didn’t end there, as he goes on to smell the shoe, and proceeds to “die” from the smell. What a silly guy!

Korean netizens had a lot to say about the “Sneakers” singer’s comedic ending pose, which they nicknamed “ending monster,” instead of the traditional “ending fairy.”

| theqoo
  • “This is so f*cking funny hahaha he’s so cute.”
  • “Omg this is too funny.”
  • “What is this hahaha so cute. His hair color is really pretty.”
  • “Haha it really is funny, but his hair is so pretty.”
  • “Hahaha his idea for the end pose is good? So cute. He suits the hair color very well.”
  • “He’s so good looking.”
  • “The ending monster is so cute and adorable haha I can’t wait to see what he does for tomorrow.”
| Mnet

“Ending fairy” poses have become quite a hot topic within the K-Pop world, with numerous stars doing unique concluding poses to stand out on the stage. Ha Sung Woon is the latest idol to try something new, and his surely made an impression.

| Mnet

You can check out Ha Sung Woon’s silly “ending monster” on his M! Countdown comeback stage for “Sneakers” down below!

Source: theqoo
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