Haha Was Asked To Choose Between Kim Jong Kook Or A Good Business, Here’s How He Responded

This shows what their relationship is like.

Haha and Kim Jong Kook have known each other for over a decade, and they now view each other as family.

During a recent episode of Running Man, this friendship was put to the test when Haha was asked to choose between, “A: Kim Jong Kook will be your business partner, but it won’t go well” and “B: Don’t see Kim Jong Kook forever but have a successful business“.

When Kim Jong Kook saw this question, he interpreted it as Haha choosing between him or money.

Haha struggled quite a bit with this question, as he even asked if he could pass on answering it.

All of the cast members thought Haha would choose answer B, but he shocked them when he picked answer A.

Kim Jong Kook couldn’t help but show a smile as he hugged Haha.

Haha then explained that he could find other ways of making money, but he couldn’t imagine his life without Kim Jong Kook.

It also seems that Kim Jong Kook was quite nervous about this question.

Here’s the full video below!

Running Man

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