Santa Halsey Filled BTS’s Christmas Stockings With Gifts And They Got Excited AF

They are everyone’s #friendshipgoals now.

So it seems backstage at Jingle Ball 2019, BTS and Halsey held the UWU-est reunion of absolute BFFs and exchanged holiday gifts in spirit of the season. Halsey’s latest episode of her web series Road to Manic captured all the joy!


After screaming her face off with so much excitement about her own glittery “Boy With Luv” mic, Halsey returned the favor by handing out her special Christmas stockings. She explained, “Every year for my two little brothers, I make them Christmas stockings.”


The members lit up in happiness as they each pulled out their XXL-sized personal stockings!

The biggest socks I’ve ever seen in my life!

— RM


Then they scurried to look through Halsey’s most thoughtful collection of goodies inside their stockings — like kids under the tree on Christmas morning! Jin was especially fond of his supersized sock:

This is very, very cute!

— Jin


And V fell particularly in love with Halsey’s choice of Diptyque’s “Baies” scented candle in his stocking:

V: My favorite candle!
Halsey: Really?
V: Yeah, really!


Halsey’s surprise event even got an unprecedented reaction out of Suga. Check out that satisfactory smile on Suga’s face!

Suga: So happy-
Halsey: Yeah?
RM: That’s the happiest face I’ve ever seen.


ARMYs are extremely grateful to see that BTS and Halsey have grown so close this year. What a wonderful time of the year to be celebrating with good friends!


Watch the full episode here: