Model Han Hye Jin Reveals The Extent Of Her Crazy Obsession Over BTS’s Jungkook

She’s a huge fan.

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Love Naggers 3, model, Han Hye Jin made the unexpected confession that she’s absolutely obsessed with BTS‘s Jungkook.

The show covered the topic of a viewer who was contemplating breaking up with her boyfriend due to his excessive obsession with the girl group, Lovelyz.

The girlfriend shared that her boyfriend is so obsessed that he took her to a ramen shop known as a shrine for Lovelyz fans for her birthday, and that he even spent 2 million won (~$1700 USD) from their joint account to buy their albums.

But Han Hye Jin sympathized with the boyfriend and confessed that she’s obsessed with BTS’s Jungkook.

I’ve been obsessed with Jungkook since last year.

– Han Hye Jin

She then went on to reveal the extent of her obsession.

I’ve saved at least 500 videos of Jungkook on Instagram.

– Han Hye Jin

But that’s not all.

I watch them every single day.

– Han Hye Jin

| @modelhanhyejin/Instagram


Well, who would’ve guessed?

Not that it’s all that surprising.

It’s Jungkook, after all.


Source: Dispatch