Han Seo Hee Released Her “Feminist” Sweater And The Price Is Ridiculous

Social media personality Han Seo Hee officially launched her next phase in her feminist movement, and the netizens are furious once again.

She had officially opened up her internet “feminist” shopping mall and released her first product.

She introduced a simple sweater with the word “feminist” written in her own handwriting.

Netizens aren’t angry about the sweater, but by the amount that she’s priced it for.

She posted the selling price at 56,000 KRW (~$53 USD), which is on the higher end of simple sweaters.

Netizens say that it’s a ridiculous price given the simplicity of the product, but Han Seo Hee argues that the hefty price comes from the high-quality product.

“The sweater is priced at 56,000 won.

The price changed after I decided to go with a fabric that’s higher in quality.”

— Han Seo Hee

Source: @HxxSxxhee

Netizens responded with hate as they questioned how she can price her sweaters so high when she doesn’t have enough brand power to do so.

“Was money the ultimate goal for all your controversies?”

“You’re using feminism to make money.”

“The price should correctly reflect on who’s selling it.”

— Netizens

She farther explained that other shops are selling similar sweaters for a higher price.

The wholesale price of the sweaters cost over 20,000 won.

It became more expensive because of my handwriting design.

There are other stores that sell similar quality sweaters for 59,000 won (~$56 USD).

I don’t understand why people are hating on my store that’s selling it for a lower price.”

— Han Seo Hee

Han Seo Hee had revealed that she planned on raising awareness of feminism through her online store.

Han Seohee opens her own “feminist” clothing store

No matter what she chooses to do next, it seems her past of causing an abundant of controversies will continue to catch up to her.

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Her complete store will launch on December 26th. Visit the store here!

Source: Star Today, Instiz