Han So Hee, Lee Na Young And BLACKPINK’s Rosé Share One Unexpected Preference

Three iconic women with unique taste!

In the past few years, YouTube content in the genre of celebrities revealing the contents inside their bags has become growingly popular. Though the format sounds overly simple, it is actually an ingenious way to allow fans to see the many quirks and personality traits of their favorite celebrities.

Actress Lee Na Young, Han So Hee, and BLACKPINK’s Rosé are three people who couldn’t be more worlds apart from each other. Though both Lee and Han are actors, the former is a senior in the industry who rarely makes on-screen appearances outside of her projects, while the latter rose to fame pretty swiftly since 2020 and has a very good media presence. Rosé, on the other hand, is a part of one of the most popular girl groups in the world. But there is one single common link among these three iconic women, which was revealed thanks to their individual “What’s In My Bag” videos.

Lee Na Young | Pinterest
Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Lee Na Young recently appeared on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel and shared the items that she always carries with her. The first thing she pulled out of her bag was a pair of wired earphones. She smilingly confessed that she is a bit old-fashioned and feels like there needs to be a cord present for a conversation to happen. Despite owning multiple wireless AirPods, the actor said she still gravitates towards the wired Apple EarPods in her daily life.

| @allurekorea/YouTube

On May 25, Rosé appeared in a similar video on Vogue France’s YouTube channel, where she revealed her luxury sunglasses, wallet, and pouches. But the singer showed a cylindrical case, saying it was an essential item for her. The case contained wired headphones! Rosé explained, “I am one of those people who don’t use AirPods. I’m not very good at charging things…So I actually take around the classic from Apple.”

| @VogueFrance/YouTube 

Han So Hee did a similar video for Allure Korea around a year ago, where she revealed her strong preference for wired earphones. The actress said that even though wired earphones get tangled all the time, she still likes to use them over wireless ones!

| @allurekorea/YouTube

Despite being from three different worlds, these three celebrities seem to share a similar mindset. It’s refreshing to see how despite their fame and wealth, they are not embarrassed about deviating from current trends!