Hanni’s Unexpected Response When Asked About NewJeans’ Fame Showcases Her True Personality

Lee Mujin was surprised by Hanni’s response.

NewJeansHanni was recently a guest on singer-songwriter Lee Mujin‘s Lee Mujin Service, a show dedicated to providing “high-quality live content” for music fans worldwide.

NewJeans’ Hanni | Phoning

The show typically begins with the guest performing their own song before covering two songs and then singing a duet with Lee Mujin.

Hanni began the show with NewJeans’ most recent title track, “OMG,” and discussed how unexpected the song’s success was for the group.

She explained that after seeing the success of their pre-release track “Ditto,” NewJeans was worried “OMG” wouldn’t do as well.

Luckily, the song was another hit, further solidifying NewJeans as the top rookie group.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Haerin, Minji, Danielle, Hyein, and Hanni | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Lee Mujin praised the rookie group, bringing up the fact that they’re regarded as a sensation only six months into their debut.

He wanted to know if the group felt the magnitude of their meteoric rise to fame.

Hanni surprisingly answered that the group didn’t feel their fame yet, taking Lee Mujin aback with her unexpected response.

The NewJeans member explained that instead of feeling the pressure of being a monster rookie group, the members instead went on stage and filmed content to have fun. A healthy outlook for the young group.

Hanni’s humble response shows her down-to-earth personality, like her fellow group members, which is one of the many reasons fans admire NewJeans!

Check out more from Hanni’s interview on Lee Mujin Service in the article below!

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