The Harsh, Stone-Cold Advice That HYBE’s Psychological Counselor Gives Trainees

The competition can get rough.

It’s no secret that most big agencies provide their trainees and celebrities with emotional support. HYBE offers counseling services to their trainees to ensure that they have good emotional and psychological health. After all, K-Pop trainee competition and environment can be one of the most cutthroat in the world. Although there are tens of thousands of trainees, only a handful debut.

In an interview, HYBE’s psychological counselor shared the practical advice that she gives trainees. In some cases, trainees come to her and tell her that they want to dance in a different genre from what the company tells them. For instance, the company would tell them to only dance idol choreography instead of their desired popping genre. This makes the trainee depressed. The counselor would tell them that the company runs a business.

It’s not wrong for them to think this way. But the problem comes when they are unable to grasp the idea of a job. So I tell them honestly. I use formal speech no matter how young they are. “The company is not a place for you to make your dreams come true. It’s not something that you want to do as a hobby, right? You come here to earn money. So, you have to first do what makes money for the company. That’s a job. But do you know what is surprising? If you do what the company wants you to do well, you will have many chances to do what you want to do.”

— Counselor

LE SSERAFIM as trainees. | HYBE

Another fact that she tells them is about the competition. Sometimes, it’s not about the competition, but about what is best for the business.

Trainees can’t always have good relationships with each other. Especially when there is a trainee who lags behind in terms of skills in the team, their colleagues will give them pressure. So what should I do? I advise them on how to think. “Everyone, you’re not hoobaes and sunbaes in school. You guys are business partners. What happens to the business when business partners fight or bully each other? There’s only one way for a business to succeed. Partners have to respect and help each other.”

— Counselor

A company is a business, no matter what the fans and trainees want to think. In order for a trainee and artist to succeed, they must first understand the workings of a professional setting and company.

Source: theqoo