BOL4 Ahn Ji Young Freaks out When Henry Randomly Pops By Her Live Broadcast

Henry wanted to know how to join Ahn Ji Young’s official fan cafe.

BOL4‘s Ahn Ji Young recently held a live broadcast for fans when Henry popped out of the blue and tried to recruit her for the JTBC show, Begin Again.

That’s when Henry suggested doing a live broadcast together, and Ahn Ji Young immediately accepted while freaking out a little.

As soon as Henry popped into the broadcast, Henry once again asked Ahn Ji Young to appear on Begin Again, and of course, Ahn Ji Young accepted.

As if Henry didn’t make it clear enough that he’s a huge fan of Ahn Ji Young, he even asked her how to join her official fan cafe after hearing her say that she reads fan cafe comments more than the live broadcast comments.

Following a detailed explanation from Ahn Ji Young herself, Henry promised he would join her fan cafe under the name of “Henry Adolescence” (taken from BOL4’s name).

And Henry wasn’t lying because he actually joined under a similar name (because Henry Adolescence was already taken), and asked how he could rank up in the fan cafe.

It’s uncertain whether or not Ahn Ji Young ranked him up with her administrative authority, as promised during the live broadcast, but what’s for certain is that Henry is one huge fan.

And seeing from Ahn Ji Young’s reaction, she’s a huge fan of his as well.

Source: Insight