Here’s How BTS’s V Was Able To Make So Many Friends During School

First impressions are everything!

Ever since BTS‘s V was in school, he was a popular guy with lots of friends (and even fans) years before he even debuted! He was naturally just a social butterfly who easily made friends with his adorable personality!

So one ARMY had to ask him for some advice on making new friends at her new school!

She asked, “Taehyung oppa, I only have a few days left before I go to school. I’m a bit on the timid side, so I don’t know how I should make friends💦 Please give me some advice!!

V had previously revealed how first impressions are everything when meeting new classmates, and this time, he gave some extra advice on how he was able to quickly grab the attention of his peers! By using fun school supplies!

When I was transferring schools, I took a pencil case that you can play a game on it, so I was kind of popular-


V’s referring to those pencil cases that had games like pinball or other fun games on its lid!

This isn’t V’s pencil case. It’s just an example.

With his fun personality, as well as a fun pencil case, he probably won over everyone’s hearts on the first day!

V continues to amaze everyone with how he was able to survive his school years despite the bullying and heartaches to grow up into one of the most successful idols in K-Pop history!