Here’s Why BTS’s Jin Scolded Suga While Filming — And This Really Makes You Realize That Only Jin Can Control Suga

Savage Suga, who? Jin hyung is asking.

Yes, it’s true that BTS‘s Suga is widely popular to be the savage member in their group.

So far, he has spoken his mind about several things, such as “seeing Jimin isn’t really that special”…

…playfully telling that he would kill him during a game…

…and admitting that he chose Jimin and J-Hope to be the members in his group because they would make him look more handsome.

And even though Suga is really such a sweet, kindhearted and caring person…

…sometimes you can’t help but think what would it be like if someone could actually control his savage side, right?

Well, the time has come for the truth to come out, because in this article, you can see exactly how Jin controlled his younger “brother”.

Now, certified ARMYs know that in BTS, the oldest member is actually Jin as he was born in the year 1992. Suga is one year younger as he was born in 1993.

Perhaps Suga shows his respect to his hyung by actually following his request when it’s really necessary and Jin’s really serious?

It all started when BTS members were trying their best to meditate while filming for their show. All the members were focused, except for Suga who was bored.

In an effort to ease his boredom, Suga started talking to tell a joke…

…all about hitting someone with a bamboo sword from behind — perhaps like those scenes in the movies where a person who was meditating is suddenly hit by the enemy?

All the members found his joke funny, so they laughed. Jin even showed his appreciation for the joke by laughing harder than the others.

Afterwards, RM and J-Hope tried to control the situation by telling the members to try and imagine meditation as “image training” so they can do it successfully.

The duo told the members to focus, breathe quietly and try to concentrate, but then Suga said that he has ADHD so he couldn’t — that’s when Jin shouted at Suga to “be quiet!”.

Suga whined playfully in response, so Jin repeated what he said and told him to “please be quiet” once again.

Suga still pouted, but he didn’t say a word anymore. Funnily enough, they were never able to continue their meditation because V and Jimin started to joke around with each other, too.

But the point is, Jin was able to “control” Suga and Suga didn’t protest anymore out of respect to his hyung — and this is too adorable, don’t you think?

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