Here’s BTS’s Suga’s Honest Opinion About Filipino ARMYs — And It’s Totally Unexpected

Suga didn’t hold himself back when talking about his opinion on Filipino ARMYs.

When you think of BTS‘s fandom, ARMYs, you would wisely think that they all come in different countries from around the globe, right?

After all, BTS is already known as a worldwide phenomenon, so it makes sense that their fans are based in different parts of the globe.

One amazing fact about the demographics of ARMYs is that, surprisingly, South Korean ARMYs take the 2nd place in terms of having the most ARMYs with around 495,000 official fans.

Which country has the most ARMYs, you ask?

The Philippines has the most number of “official” ARMYs in the world, making up a staggering 21% of all BTS fans!

Because of this shocking piece of statistics, it’s quite understandable that every time BTS members will have a live broadcast, then, Filipino ARMYs will be there to watch them.

In one of Suga‘s lives, for example, a Filipino ARMY asked him if he liked ARMYs in the Philippines. Without missing a beat, he answered that he likes Philippine ARMYs.

This is quite pleasant, considering Suga doesn’t really like to express his affection through his words, but through his actions instead.

In addition to saying that Suga likes Filipino ARMYs, he also said that he thinks Filipino ARMYs are “passionate”, so BTS always has fun whenever they’re in the Philippines.

The last concert of BTS in the Philippines was held in 2017 — and once the world has become accustomed to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Filipino fans are fervently hoping that BTS will include their country in the list of their concert destinations.

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