Here’s Definitive Proof That Two Jihyo’s Are Better Than One

“Small Jihyo” and “Big Jihyo” melted everyone’s heart.

What happens when you mix the cast of Running Man with the members of TWICE and end up with two Jihyo’s? Well, it’s even better than you could have possibly imagined!


Fans waited to see the top girl group on Running Man since it was announced that all nine members were going to be on the show in December 2018.


From the first moment, they walked onto the field with the rest of the cast…


We knew we were in for a wild ride!


While there were plenty of fun games…


Hilarious antics…


And moments of pure TWICE charm…


But there was one particular thing about this episode that captured everyone’s hearts! When the girls were split into their teams, Jihyo, Sana, Kim Jong Kook, and Song Ji Hyo ended up on the same team.


And while all four of them had some really sweet moments together, nobody can get over seeing Song Ji Hyo and TWICE’s Jihyo interact!


The two were so close throughout the entire episode that they were like real sisters! They even went by the nicknames “Small Jihyo” and “Big Jihyo.”


Running Man‘s Ace was spotted taking care of “Small Jihyo” throughout the entire episode like any good big sister would. She made sure her clothes were neat and tidy while regularly checking to make sure she was doing okay. In return, “Small Jihyo” never left her unnie‘s side!


Song Ji Hyo is known to be an incredible big sister to all the guests on the show, but the bond she shared with Jihyo was incredibly special and fans can’t stop talking about it!


But with so many cute moments caught on camera, how could anyone not fall for these two Jihyos! It just goes to show that two Jihyos really are better than one.


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