Here’s Why Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Became Furious After Fan Asked How Often She Shaves

“This is so annoying.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon received an embarrassing question from a fan that made her furious.

On February 27, 2019, Taeyeon held a live broadcast through Instagram and held a Q&A session with her fans. During the broadcast, one fan asked how many times she shaves each day.

After reading the question, she took a long pause to think of how to answer the question.

Finally, she replied, “Yes shaving…Today…I shaved today,” as she turned her head side to side as if checking out her chin.

A few seconds later, Taeyeon burst out laughing and confessed that she felt like she had lost. This was because she couldn’t think of a good enough comeback line to the question.

Ha…I think I lost. I feel like I lost. I couldn’t think of an appropriate comeback! This is so annoying.

— Taeyeon

She then wondered why she was so obsessed about being funny and called the fan out for asking the question.

I wonder why I get so annoyed about this stuff. I’m not even a comedian. Throwing out a shaving joke like that. Hey you, where are you? Come out. I’m going to find you.

— Taeyeon

Fans were cracking up at Taeyeon’s response and noted that she was cute even when she was angry. Check out the clip below:

Girls' Generation

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