Here’s Why Heechul And TWICE’s Momo Are Destined To Be Strongly Compatible As A Couple, According To Astrology

It’s no wonder why they ended up together — their romantic compatibility is intensely high.

The relationship between Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo is actually approved by the stars!

As you can remember, the internet basically broke when two both of them confirmed this year that they are indeed in a romantic relationship together.

Even though the both of them have a difference in lifestyle, with Heechul preferring cleanliness…

…and Momo being called the “messiest” in their group, there’s no doubt that the two of them are highly compatible.

And despite their age gap…

…the two are actually predicted to be intensely compatible with each other, because of their star signs.

For example, Heechul’s birthday is on July 10 which makes him a Cancer.

And as for Momo? Her birthday on November 09 means that she has Scorpio as her zodiac sign.

The first sign that they’re romantically compatible is the fact that both of their star signs are water signs.

People under the water sign are emphatic and emotionally deep, so they can only be in a successful relationship with people who can understand them on a deeper level.

A Cancer loves to take care of others — which is perhaps why Momo mentioned that Heechul used to take care of her, even when they weren’t dating yet.

And for Scorpios like Momo? They love being taken care of, so it’s a good thing these two idols ended up together!

Both signs are also highly intuitive, so they have a great deal of trust with each other.

Why? Well, because of their intuition, they can easily sense dishonesty, so the fact that they trust each other and choose to stay in a committed relationship means that they respect their partner.

This means that even though Momo playfully teased Heechul for changing his ideal type, she still trusts him to be in a committed relationship with him.

And finally, Cancer and Scorpio are also known to share similar passions, so the problem of “having nothing in common” is non-existent in their relationship.

Could their intense compatibility be a great sign, considering that Heechul used to have his future wife described similarly to Momo?

We’ll never know the future, of course, but we can predict their compatibility based on astrology.

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