Here’s How Fans Believe Suzy And Lee Dong Wook Met And Started Dating

Their ideal types… were each other?

Fans believe Suzy and Lee Dong Wook have always had a thing for each other, ever since they met more than six years ago.


Suzy appeared on an episode of SBS Strong Heart, and Lee Dong Wook was the MC. She was asked to pick out her “ideal type” of man from a list of stars including Kang Dong Won, Lee Min Ki, Yoseob, Kim Soo Hyun and American Ian Somerhalder.

Suzy replied that her ideal type was none of those men. She pointed straight at Lee Dong Wook and said, “at this moment, my ideal type is MC Lee Dong Wook.


Suzy also mentioned Lee Dong Wook when she surprised IU on KBS Win Win.

The MC asked Suzy whether she knew about IU’s “ideal type”. Suzy responded, “IU bragged to me that Lee Dong Wook chose her as his ideal type. She kept asking me if I was jealous.”


On a live broadcast last year, Lee Dong Wook confessed his ideal type was a woman who eats well, can carry a conversation and is pretty.

“I like a woman who can eat well and has kind, wise eyes. I like women who can hold an interesting conversation with me and who are pretty.” — Lee Dong Wook


Netizens are asking each other: Are Suzy and Lee Dong Wook each other’s “ideal types”?

Um, yes, is the answer.


Fans believe they were always friendly as colleagues but the reason they got to know each other so well lately is that they joined the same social club so met a lot more often in social situations.

“Lee Dong Wook and Suzy are getting to know each other since a while ago Suzy joined the same social club.” — Netizen


Since their entertainment agencies announced last week they were in the early stages of the relationship and “getting to know each other better,” netizens agree Lee Dong Wook and Suzy only officially agreed they would date after the news was made public.

Image: Asia Today

“[There’s news] that they are just in ‘some’ relationship when they were spotted at dinner in Cheongdam and just started to date TODAY because the news about them was released and they agreed to date since both of them have feelings for each other hehehe.” — Netizen


But no matter the theory, most fans just wish them the best in their new relationship!

Image: Joy News 24

“I like this couple. They can deny the rumors because there is no evidence… but yet they confirmed it even though they just started to date. Both seem to be kind, down-to-heart and goofy.” — Netizen

Source: Dispatch and Nate Pann

Suzy And Lee Dong Wook's Relationship

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