Here’s An In-Depth Explanation Of BTS Jungkook’s Solo MMA Performance

Fans are loving the performance more after understanding the character.

Each of the members of BTS became Greek gods for their solo performances at the 2019 Melon Music Awards.

Jungkook, in particular, shocked fans with his stellar water performance. Jungkook portrayed Narcissus, a hunter who was known for his beauty. Narcissus received much love from fairies but turned them all down.

In turn, the goddess of revenge gave him the punishment of only being able to love him. He falls in love with his reflection in the water and eventually ends his life after not being able to see his reflection as he got closer to the water.



He was miserable at the fact that even one drop of water could make a ripple in the water, making it hard for him to see his reflection in the water.

Many fans agree that the performance was truly amazing and even more incredible after understanding a bit more about the character he was portraying.



Watch the full solo performance below: