BTS Became Seven Greek Gods, Turning 2019 MMA Into Mount Olympus

Simply genius!

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, BTS captivated the eyes and hearts of all viewers with their most breathtaking performances. With so much visual detail underlining the stages, ARMYs have come to believe that each BTS member actually represented a Greek god or goddess — collectively turning the Gocheok Sky Dome ceremony location into Mount Olympus. Here are the seven Greek gods as portrayed by BTS in their beautifully choreographed performances!


1. Jin As Athena

Jin came riding on a horse, commanding his army of dancers. At first, ARMYs believed he represented Ares, the God of War.

They soon realized, however, that Jin’s righteousness — often boasted in his personality — sat better as Athena, the Goddess of Justice (and many other things).


2. Suga As Hephaestus

Suga‘s performance was absolute fire. He slayed the performance as flames burned up behind him. ARMYs agreed that Suga represented Hephaestus, the God of Fire.

ARMYs believe Suga — also known as Producer Min, or Min PD nim — is a perfect fit for Hephaestus, who was also a smithing god, forging weapons for Olympus.


3. J-Hope As Zeus

As for J-Hope — well, he brought the thunder during his most visually satisfying performance.

As Zeus, the God of Thunder, J-Hope boasted his thunder-bending powers. He showered the stage with his laser lightning, and ARMYs absolutely love this almighty concept on him!


4. RM As Dionysus

RM was, no doubt, Dionysus the God of Wine and Festivity. Aged fine AF, RM looked absolutely surreal in his blonde hair.

Swinging his thyrsus around, RM drove ARMYs into a wild frenzy as he completely embraced his inner Dionysus!


5. V As Apollo

V‘s performance included dancers in the sky — closely resembling the beloved Cirque du Soleil shows. With these details, ARMYs have come to believe that V represented Apollo, the God of Sun.

Plus, ARMYs found V to almost resemble Apollo — in his gorgeous curly locks and that prominent T-zone.


6. Jimin As Artemis

On the other hand, there was Jimin as Artemis, the Goddess of Moon. His stunning solo dance performance, which was dreamy AF, has ARMYs 200% convinced.

Plus, in Greek mythology, Artemis is also known to be Apollo’s twin, — and this only added more depth to the comparison of V as Apollo and Jimin as Artemis!


7. Jungkook As Poseidon

Last but not least, Jungkook‘s wet-and-sexy performance could only mean one thing; He represented Poseidon, the God of Sea.

No wonder Jungkook looked so peaceful lying on his back in this pool of water. Twas his natural element.


How genius!


Watch the full performance here:

Source: THEQOO