Here’s How A Korean Rapper Was Once On His Way To Stardom, But Is Now A Hated Criminal

This is one crazy story.

There are plenty of Korean celebrities who have essentially ruined their careers with their actions, but a certain rapper had one of the biggest downfalls seen.

The person in question is the rapper Iron. He first made headlines after his successful appearance on Show Me The Money 3. He gained praise for his incredible rapping skills, unique tone, and soulful lyrics.

Iron would go on to make the finals on Show Me The Money 3, where he faced iKON‘s Bobby. Iron ended up losing to Bobby and got 2’nd place on the show, but he made a name for himself after his successful appearance. He also gained praise for how friendly he was with Bobby, as Bobby got some hate by fellow rappers due to being an idol.

Iron would also later release a song with AOA‘s Jimin, and his talents were once again praised.

However, Iron’s career went spiraling down after multiple controversies. When Iron released his first full-length album, one of his songs was met with a lot of controversies. His song “ROLL” contained some lyrics that implied that he was glamorizing rape.

I heard you said “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, Not crazy
This is my play gym for you play as muc has you want My babe
Understand this first Ain’t no lover
Brand this in your head I’m yo fuckin’ owner
I conquer, you obey, we only harvest the instinc god seeded
Hol up, I won’t say it twice, strip

This was just the beginning, as Iron soon made headlines again. Iron faced charges for marijuana and drug use but didn’t seem apologetic, which angered netizens.

First of all, as a Korean citizen I went against the law and I am waiting to receive sentence for my wrong doings. However I don’t think marijuana is a drug.

— Iron

Iron’s personality was also questioned when he revealed that he had stabbed his friend with a knife in the past for making fun of him.

Iron was soon sentenced to eight months in prison due to his use of marijuana.

Iron ran into more trouble once he got released from prison, as he would soon face even bigger charges. In 2017, it was revealed that Iron had physically assaulted his girlfriend, such as choking her. While Iron would try to deny these claims, he was soon found guilty of all the charges against him.