Here’s How Lee Kwang Soo Went From An Unknown Celebrity To One Making Millions

You’ll be shocked by his growth in fame.

Lee Kwang Soo is one of the most beloved Korean celebrities, as his incredible popularity has earned him the nickname “Prince of Asia”.

The List took a brief look at Lee Kwang Soo’s journey and found that he didn’t find this success immediately. When he began his career, he was just a fashion model.

Lee Kwang Soo would later make his television debut in a commercial for an IT company.

Lee Kwang Soo would soon debut an actor and gained some attention for his unique looks.

He soon started to get many acting offers due to his now comedic image.

All these comedic roles caused the general public to think that Lee Kwang Soo was a comedian and not an actor.

However, his comedic characters were a big reason why he started to gain massive popularity.

Lee Kwang Soo then gained insane popularity after he was cast in Running Man, where he was able to show more of his funny personality.

While Lee Kwang Soo gained massive international fame, he has revealed that the same can’t be said in South Korea.

The List then took a look at how Lee Kwang Soo’s earnings have changed throughout his career. They reveal that Lee Kwang Soo made 800,000 won (658 USD) in his first commercial.

However, in 2013, it was revealed that Lee Kwang Soo was making around 200 million won (164,531 USD) per CF.

As time went on, Lee Kwang Soo began to gain more fame and was getting more sought after. In just China alone, Lee Kwang Soo has made over a billion won (nearly 1 million USD).

Here is the full video below!