Here’s A Look At How Sasaeng Fans Seemingly Ruined BTS’s Resting Time When They Went To Chile

Sasaeng fans are the worst.

BTS seemingly has to deal with sasaeng fans wherever they go, and this was the case when they went to Chile.

A YouTube channel by the name of Ledyllyn Flores uploaded a few videos showing how some sasaeng fans were ruining BTS’s resting time. This is because sasaeng fans were waiting outside BTS’s hotel.

While some fans tried telling the sasaeng fans that the BTS members were exhausted and that they just wanted to peacefully rest, the sasaeng fans wouldn’t budge.

One of the staff members even told the sasaeng fans that BTS had to switch hotels because, at the previous hotel, sasaeng fans were constantly screaming outside.

The staff member kept telling the sasaeng fans that the BTS just wanted some peace, and urged them to leave the members alone.

However, some sasaeng fans felt that it was their right to wait outside BTS’s hotel, as some of them couldn’t pay to go to their concerts.

The staff member once again emphasized to the sasaeng fans that the BTS members just wanted some peaceful time before their concert, but nothing worked.

Some sasaeng fans even stated that since they were unable to see the BTS members properly at the airport, there should be no problem with them waiting outside their hotel.

The staff member even told the sasaeng fans that everything he said was a request by the members themselves, but nothing seemed to work.

Here are the full videos below!

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