Here’s A Look At How Sasaeng Fans Seemingly Follow BTS Everywhere They Go

Number 3 is just heartbreaking.

BTS are truly a global group, as their popularity around the world is incredible.

BTS has also had to deal with several sasaeng fans from around the world due to their growing popularity. Mnet‘s TMI News took a brief look at how no matter where the BTS members travel, they seemingly run into sasaeng fans all the time. Here’s a list of just some of the encounters they talked about.

1. Plane ride

During their plane ride back to South Korea, some sasaeng fans decided to board the same plane as the BTS members.

2. Almost all airports

Sasaeng fans are known to wait for their favorite idols at airports, and BTS has experienced this many times. There have also been many moments when sasaeng fans have been seen chasing idols at the airport. V is an idol who has had to deal with this on many occasions.

3. When BTS went to Norway

BTS once went to Norway to have a relaxing time, but it got ruined once some sasaeng fans spotted them.

Even though the BTS members tried to be polite when engaging with them, the sasaeng fans soon started to take advantage of their kindness.

4. When BTS went to Taiwan

During their time in Taiwan, some sasaeng fans decided to stalk BTS’s car and even caused a traffic accident.

5. When Jin went to a deserted island

Jin once went to a deserted island to film for the show Law of the Jungle. He was in for surprise when he spotted some sasaeng fans greeting him.

6. Sasaeng fans calling the members

Sasaeng fans also invade BTS’s privacy by constantly finding out their phone numbers and making calls to them.

Here is the full video below.

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