Here’s How New ARMY Can Catch Up With Years Of BTS Content According To RM Himself

Better get started, you might finish within a year or two.

BTS appeared on Spout Podcast to talk about music, their McDonald’s collaboration, and even weird food combinations!

Host Erik Achary brought up a good point, saying that since the increase of well-deserved radio airplay of BTS with songs like “Dynamite, “Butter,” and, now, “Permission to Dance,” there is bound to be even more people joining the BTS ARMY. He asked the group if they had a message for those just entering the fandom.

There’s a lot of people looking you guys up on Spotify and Apple Music and going, ‘Okay, what else do they have?’ So, for fans who are just joining ARMY, newer ARMY members here, do you have a message for the people who are experiencing and binging the older BTS tracks, going through the old records?

— Erik Achary

Leader RM first delivered a welcome message before explaining the group’s narrative style of releasing their music. As a result, they’ve made it easy by having a “path” in which way to listen to their old music.

So, first things first, welcome to the team. Welcome! There are some actually fun chapters before ‘Dynamite.’ There are some ‘Dynamite’ chapters right now… like our fourth chapter. First chapter, there was Skool [Luv Affair], the second chapter … was kind of like The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, and third chapter, we got Love Yourself, Map of the Soul, so there’s some actual narrative that we have, walk this way and path.

— RM

He added that BTS also have lots of content, so a new ARMY will never be bored! It might take a year (or more) to catch up on ten years worth of content, but it’ll surely be fun!

There’s a lot of songs, lots of albums, lots of behind-the-scenes, literally BTS’s, videos, social media, and so maybe it’ll take a year to chase all of the paths and things of BTS.

— RM

RM left them with one final welcoming but warning message. It might be easy to join the fandom, but it’s not so easy to leave!

There’s no exit. There’s no kind of get-out. So, welcome to the team. Please don’t go out. Have a great day!

— RM

Check out the full interview below:


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