Here’s How NewJeans’s Hyein Trained For Her Debut

She worked extremely hard.

New K-Pop girl group NewJeans has caught the attention of netizens worldwide for their visuals and impressive performances. The five member group is the first to debut under HYBE‘s sub-label ADOR and has been much anticipated.

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Something that has surprised many people interested in the group is the previous work history of some of the members, including an appearance in a BTS music video! Member Hyein seems to have had the most previous experience with her work as a child model and her participation with the YouTube channel Pocket TV as part of the group Play With Me Club.

Hyein (right) and other members of the “Play With Me Club.” | @playwithme_club/Instagram
NewJeans’s Hyein present day |

In one video for the Pocket TV channel, Hyein vlogs her daily life including how she trained for her eventual debut!

Hyein begins her vlog by introducing herself and showing off her room including her clothing and BTS collection. Hyejin is a huge K-Pop fan and her favorite groups at the time included BTS, TXT and Red Velvet!

Hyein goes about her day making herself a meal and going shopping before heading over to the dance academy where she attended lessons. While it is currently not known if she was signed to any entertainment company at the time, K-Pop idol hopefuls will often attend dance lessons in order to work on their skills before auditions.

Hyein attends group lessons where individuals can be seen dancing and warming up throughout the practice room. In one portion of the practice, a friend of Hyein named Ha Seul is shown dancing to TWICE’s “Feel Special.” The dance instructor tells her that dancing like that “won’t get her anywhere“, reflecting the somewhat harsh nature of trainee life. Hyejin also receives constructive comments after her dance performance.

After stretching and receiving comments from her instructors, Hyein and Ha Seul go eat and head over to vocal lessons. Actual trainees will often attend hours of dance and vocal lessons every day with the expectation of practicing more during their free time so it’s no surprise that Hyein had such a busy day. A past HYBE trainee confirmed that trainees were even expected to come in on Sunday for some pratice time.

Many have shown concern for the extreme lifestyles that K-Pop idol hopefuls often put their bodies through, but Hyein seems to be enjoying every moment of her training. Hyein worked hard before her debut and it seems like it has all paid off!

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Source: Pocket TV