Here’s The Song That Always Makes TWICE’s Tzuyu Cry And Why It Makes Her Tear Up

She’s such a sweetheart 🥺

TWICE‘s Tzuyu may not cry often, but she cries when she hears one song in particular!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @tzuiskiies/Twitter

During an interview with Billboard, the TWICE members were asked, “What movie, or song, always makes you cry?”

| @KAYHYUN1/Twitter

Although Tzuyu’s favorite song is Adele‘s sad ballad “All I Ask,” that song wasn’t her answer.

Adele performing “All I Ask” | swegama/YouTube

Tzuyu chose a TWICE song as her answer for an incredibly touching reason.

| @minatoshibasana/Twitter

Tzuyu chose “One in a Million,” which is the song TWICE dedicated to ONCEs. She said the memory of performing the song on stage as ONCE sang along makes her tear up.

Tzuyu performing “One in a Million” | ZEROTWICE/YouTube

Tzuyu said, “Whenever I listen to our fan song, ‘One in a Million,’ I remember the voices and faces of ONCE singing along, and the memory makes me tear up. I miss each and every one of our fans.”

| @once1twice91/Twitter

The fact that “One in a Million” makes Tzuyu cry proves just how deep her love for ONCE is. We hope she’ll get the chance to sing the song with her fans very soon!

Source: Billboard


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