Here’s Why Sunmi Is Now Everyone’s Favorite K-Pop Idol On Twitter

Sunmi is back on Twitter, posting the most random and hilarious things!

Sunmi has a rather small collection of 18 tweets on her Twitter account, but they were more than enough to throne her the funniest K-Pop idol on Twitter.


Sunmi, upon announcing that she’s officially back on Twitter, tweeted a Daisy Duck GIF and asked if she can say hello to the duck first.

“There are so many fun things here now. It must have been a decade since I tweeted. How do I do thiiiiiis, ha. Do you mind if I say hello to daisy duck first? Cuz it’s been so long…… many thing has changed. OMG.” — Sunmi


Then she began posting things that are simply savage. Fans are having a blast, reacting to her tweets that show her fun and independent nature!

  • “she is savage”
  • “you tell em mamas”
  • “You dont need no boss YOU ARE THE QUEEN”


Of course, some fans are playfully making fun of her because she’s rather new to Twitter.

  • “Sunmi, you tweet like my mom.”
  • “It’s going to take her a while to get used to Twitter.”


Her latest tweets have the internet baffled over the two forever-confusing Ryans, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling.

“I can distinguish their voices now though.” — Sunmi


Her Twitter followers have never related to anyone more and absolutely adored Sunmi for being mind-blown by the two actors.


Another fan gave Sunmi a fantastic tip for telling the Ryans apart.

This only proves both Sunmi and her fans are super hilarious online. Like idol, like fans!


Now that she’s on Instagram and Twitter, Sunmi takes the throne as queen of social media.