Here’s How The Military “Forced” Highlight’s Doojoon To Fix This Bad Habit Of His

The Highlight members may need to thank the military for this!

Highlight‘s Doojoon had a bad habit that inconvenienced the people around him but the military helped him get rid of the habit for good!

Doojoon had a habit of hitting those around him when something is really funny. He could often be seen hitting his members while laughing.


If it was just a slight slap, it wouldn’t pose as much of a problem but he seemed to hit those around him quite hard, especially if something was uncontrollably funny.


In fact, he would sometimes even chase the members just so that he could slap them!


Recent pictures of Doojoon in the military show, however, that he has overcome this bad habit of his. In the photo, Doojoon’s hand can be seen rising, getting ready to slap someone…


But to his left and right were senior officers.


As a result, he ended up just touching his own neck instead.


The Highlight members may be glad to know that the military forced Doojoon to get rid of this habit!

Source: Pann Nate


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