HIGHLIGHT Reveals Why They Get Embarrassed By Their Song “Mystery”

“Thinking back on ‘Mystery’ makes you embarrassed the most!”

In the latest episode of Showterview With Jessi, the members of HIGHLIGHT had the honor of being the show’s first guest to come on as a whole group!

Usually, only one or two guests will appear on an episode, however, all the members of HIGHLIGHT joined the show’s MC, Jessi, for a very fun and, of course, chaotic episode! With so many guests on her show, Jessi was adorably flustered.

You are the first group to be a guest on ‘Showterview!’ We usually pick and interview one of the members. And tease the one.

— Jessi

Regardless of the unfamiliar atmosphere and crazy energy, Jessi was able to do a successful interview. During the show, Jessi put the group to the test with a pop quiz! The pop quiz asked about earlier moments from their career from when they were still known as BEAST. One question asked, about the group’s iconic song “Mystery.”

According to the survey, thinking back on ‘Mystery’ makes you embarrassed the most! Why is it so embarrassing?

— Jessi

While many consider “Mystery” to be one of the group’s biggest hits, Yoseob explained that the choreography is the part that makes them embarrassed.

Some might have noticed it, it’s about the choreography…We gotta spin our head for two-third of the whole song.

— Yoseob

According to Yoseob, the group has to spin their heads 32 times for their “Mystery” choreography.

Furthermore, Yoseob explained their clothing and music style for “Mystery” is cringey to look at now. Jessi was able to understand the group’s feelings towards “Mystery” as we all cringe at our old memories sometimes.

So those old fashioned performances and autotunes make us embarrassed a little bit.

— Yoseob

Despite the embarrassing moments from their past, Jessi made the great point that looking back on things makes them realize how much they’ve grown.

As BEAST, the members had to follow the rules of their past company Cube Entertainment; however, now as HIGHLIGHT and the CEO of their own company Around Us Entertainment, the group is able to make their own choices.

Thanks to those embarrassing moments, here is HIGHLIGHT as what they are now. Back then you had to do what you were asked to do, but now you can do what you want.

— Jessi

Check out the video below: